The new Ballyoughter National School, which was officially opened on the 22nd of January, 2010. National School is a co-educational, Catholic primary school located in Ballyoughter, near Gorey in Co. Wexford.

Originally built in 1889 as a one classroom school, a second room was added in 1948 to accommodate growing numbers of pupils. Later, in 1984, a toilet block and staff room were added. However, the old building was unable to meet the demands of a modern 21st century education system, and was closed at the end of the school year in 2009, to be replaced by a new state-of-the-art school, which was up-and-running the following September at a nearby site, and officially opened on the 22nd of January, 2010.

The new school has two classrooms, an administration office, a staff room, and wonderful educational resources. It also has more than three quarters of an acre of playing space.

School Mission Statement:

  1. To provide a secure and happy atmosphere in which children can learn effectively.
  2. To encourage children to become responsible and independent.
  3. To foster an attitude of care towards people and things around us.
  4. To ensure that children reach the highest possible levels in literacy and numeracy.
  5. To help children to express themselves creatively through language, movement, art and music.
  6. To help children, through scientific, geographical, historical, religious, and moral studies, to explore the world in which they are growing up, and to understand their own particular place/situation within it.
  7. To integrate all children fully, whatever their needs and backgrounds.

School Staff:

  • Principal: Mr. Pádraig O’Connor
  • Class Teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Kavanagh (Deputy Principal)
  • Class Teacher Ms Aisling Chawke
  • Special Education Teacher:  Mr. Pádraig O’Connor
  • Special Needs Assistants:  Mrs Lisa Devlin  &  Mrs. Annette Guinan.
  • Secretary: Mrs. Maeve Roberts
  • Chairperson: Fr. Tomás. Kehoe

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